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London Living – Navigating Public Transport in London: THE BASICS

I’ve briefly touched on getting around London in my post on moving there. In this series of posts I want to elaborate on that advice, just to help all you poor sods faced with the epic task of trying to navigate public transport in London. Let’s dive right in, because much like my worst day travelling, this is going to be ugly, long and potentially sanity destroying. Continue reading

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London Living – My 12 Favourite Places to Eat

For me London has been the death of supermarket shopping and eating right. If I buy a courgette it will live in the fridge for a week, shrivelling beyond recognition before being thrown out. Wasteful, I know. Environmentally conscious me is doing all she can by eating out more often than her bank account really allows for, but it wasn’t always this way. There was a time when I would stand in Lidl tossing up between loaves of bread and buying the cheaper one so I could get an extra packet of noodles. Those were dark days, so once I had a job that paid a living wage I made the most of being able to sample some of the wonderful cuisine London has to offer. Below are my absolute favourite dining experiences I’ve had to date: Continue reading

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London Living – My Worst Date Ever

Now technically this isn’t a pure ‘travel’ story but it’s one of my absolute favourites from my early London days. I thought it was worth telling all y’all about it if only to add another stitch to the tapestry of madness that is my life.

The story begins in a Vietnamese BYO restaurant where my financial situation prevented me from being able to both eat and drink, I had to prioritise, and if you know me at all you will know I picked drink (my standard poor decision making rearing its head). Continue reading

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Don’t Wear Your Pants To Work – Being a Kiwi in London

It is amazing how language and culture can change over the course of a few generations and several thousand miles. Often it doesn’t feel like we Kiwis are that far removed from our European settler ancestors especially with the advent of the digital world. It’s when you move here that you realise how different you are from the people that many of us are technically descended from. Below I will detail some of the pitfalls and hilarious rom-com style misunderstandings that can come from getting yourself lost in translation.

Continue reading

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London Living – How to avoid the tourist traps

Millennials are a generation that value experiences above possessions and we all want to be the intrepid traveller discovering the unique and unknown. We are all jumping on planes, trains and automobiles more than ever before, flooding our social media with all the beautiful things this world has to offer. Often this means the road less travelled is now the road best documented and writing this makes me guilty of adding to the noise. Continue reading

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London – How to Move to London, The Basics

Trying to move to London is how I found myself at my lowest ebb, in floods of tears in the middle of a Tesco super store in Twickenham. I was pretending I wanted a terrible job, selling awful makeup to gullible people who just wanted to get to the frozen food section. I had had no sleep because of the foghorn style snorer in my hostel dorm room and had been job hunting for several weeks with no luck except for this poorly disguised pyramid scheme. Put simply – IT SUCKED.

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