Phnom Phen – Killing Fields


People who struggle with the concept of causation often (jokingly) like to note that Hitler was a vegetarian and therefore his protein deficit must have had something to do with his genocidal tendencies. If that is the case then Pol Pot must have been the most self-righteous of vegans who won’t eat anything with a shadow because what he did to this country is almost unfathomable. The official definition of decimation is to kill one in every ten people, under the Khmer Rouge 3 million people were killed from a population of 8 million. Continue reading

Cambodia – Siem Reap

I finally escaped the madness of Bangkok and took a bus to Siem Reap in Cambodia which is the city near the temples of Angkor. I hadn’t booked ahead having realised that the online booking systems didn’t always show the cheapest room rates. Luckily the girl sitting next to me was also winging it so we decided to look for a guesthouse together. As we walked it began to bucket down so we sought refuge in a tuk tuk and asked the driver to take us somewhere nice and cheap. He picked the Garden Village which was great and super cheap (thank you Mr Tuk Tuk) he also got completely drenched on the ride but was happy to do it (I admire these people and their work ethic).

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