Belfast - Northern Ireland

Belfast – Northern Ireland and the Secret Engagement Project

Let’s preface this story with the fact that I’m a bit of a wedding scrooge. I worked for a bar and catering team in my hometown doing a lot of weddings over the years and it made me never want to have one of my own, I just couldn’t see the sense in spending all my time and money organising one day (even accounting for my love of spreadsheets and organisation in general).

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Dublin to Limerick in ireland a city break blog review destination

Dublin to Limerick – A City Break

I used to have a job at a recruitment company in London that required me to sit in a room on my own for 9 hours a day. One day I had a new colleague to train, the only part of my job as a receptionist that I actually enjoyed because it meant contact with a human that wasn’t an Actuary looking for a job. For your reference an Actuary is someone who found Accounting a bit wild (the same job Ben Stiller had in the classic film Along Came Polly) .

My new colleague sat down and the interaction went something like this:

Me: Hey your eyes are different colours, Heterochromia right?!

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