Designing and writing a yachting cv for work on super yachts

Working on Super Yachts – Writing a decent CV on land or sea.

So I had intended to write you great long screeds about my dockwalking experiences in Antibes. I was going to chronicle the weeks of daywork and rejection I encountered while I tried to shimmy my way into my first yachting job. I would regale you with my misfortunes and mishaps…But as it turns out I can’t tell you the first thing about it because I got my job directly via a phone interview after I put my CV up on a crew site. Continue reading

STCW super yacht training fire fighting

STCW – How to work on a yacht, starting with FIRE!

If you want to work on a boat the first thing you need to do is your STCW. This is the basic level of training that everyone working in the maritime industry needs and you aren’t going to get hired on a bit white floaty thing if you don’t have it. It can be a bit of a cash commitment to make when you don’t have a job yet but it’s unavoidable, you just have to take the hit and hold out hope for your first months wages. Or you can do what I did and put it on a credit card and then stew in that horrible “I’m in debt” hole for five months. Continue reading

5 Hidden Gems in the Wairarapa Valley – Visit like a local

It can be hard to come home after time spent overseas. You’ve been, you’ve seen and you’ve had experiences that have changed the way you see the world. It’s scary to feel like you might be backsliding or wandering a bit aimless after your adventures. You also don’t want to sound like a preachy douchebag to all of your friends just because you think you’ve found yourself after 3 months of wearing fisherman pants, blacking out at a full moon party and riding an elephant. Pashing a white dude with dreads and getting a bamboo tattoo does not an intrepid traveller make. Continue reading