Vintage Volvo outside Konstmuseet in Goteborg Gothenburg Museum

Falling in love with Gothenburg – A City Break

When I moved to London I was met with a new and unfamiliar greeting known as the ‘Air Kiss’. This is where you press your cheek to someone else’s, making an indistinct kiss noise near their ear before doing it again to their other cheek. For us Kiwis it can feel like quite an intimate way to say hello, but in reality the feeling you get is one of polite distance. When you meet a Swedish person they will say Hej (Hey) and then hug you, there’s not one vaguely awkward air kiss to be seen, just a lovely cuddle. For me that greeting perfectly encapsulates how I felt the entire weekend I was in Gothenburg.

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Street Art in Christiania copenhagen denmark

Freezing my bollocks off in Copenhagen – A City Break

Generally I spend a Boxing Day evening eating whatever is left of a chocolate orange as we drive to the beach to enjoy a few days in, on and under the ocean. When you live in the Northern Hemisphere that option becomes a lot less appealing, the only alternative is to book last minute flights to Copenhagen to go and hang out with the Danes for a few days. That’s how I found myself driving to Luton airport at 4am on the 27th of December. The most direct route being right past Westminster, under Big Ben, down the Mall and then in front of Buckingham Palace (if you ever want to see the sights without loads of tourists then this is the time to do it!). Luton airport is the most godforsaken place I’ve ever been to, unfortunately a lot of the budget airlines fly from here and we had only booked 8 hours previous so we didn’t have a choice. Continue reading