Edinburgh - Weekend Guide

Edinburgh Diaries – Come for a weekend, stay forever!

As trite as the phrase ‘four seasons in one day’ sounds, it has never described a city more aptly than it describes Edinburgh. This is a place that requires a coat be carried at all times regardless of the season. It is however, a city that is worth layering up for. Having been inhabited since Adam was a cowboy, the city is steeped in history like a forgotten teabag. At each turn you are confronted with another majestic stone building that would violate every part of the New Zealand earthquake code.

A single weekend in Edinburgh was all it took to convince me that this city would be my new hometown. So how does one weekend in one city have such a big impact? Let me share the itinerary that had me bagpipes over sporran for Bonnie Scotland. Continue reading

Belfast - Northern Ireland

Belfast – Northern Ireland and the Secret Engagement Project

Let’s preface this story with the fact that I’m a bit of a wedding scrooge. I worked for a bar and catering team in my hometown doing a lot of weddings over the years and it made me never want to have one of my own, I just couldn’t see the sense in spending all my time and money organising one day (even accounting for my love of spreadsheets and organisation in general).

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Fringe Festival Edinburgh Assembly Working Guide Help Job Work

Working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – A Month of Madness

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is essentially an experiment to see if, for a month, a human being can subsist on a diet of refined carbohydrates, minimal sleep and rum. I volunteered myself to test this theory back in August.

The results came back as a resounding no.

If attempted, you will contract strep throat and spend a week in bed, on antibiotics, trying not to create any saliva and stroking your own head for comfort. A word of advice, if you come to the festival try to eat a vegetable and sleep more than six hours a night.

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Dad and Daughter Diaries roadtripping cornwall to scotland padstow black isles bird abroad

Dad & Daughter Diaries – Roadtripping from Cornwall to Scotland

In many ways I’m very glad that my father never got the sons he would perhaps have hoped for initially. The absence of boys meant my sister and I were expected, supported and encouraged to get involved in all the activities he loves; hunting, fishing, diving, walking and generally being ‘out there doing it’. At 12 years old we both had a coming of age trip with Dad, together we sea kayaked Abel Tasman and he and my sister walked the Milford Track. During the intervening years we’ve been on countless other adventures, walking the Heaphy Track, tramping the length of the Tararua Ranges, diving in Vanuatu, spearfishing off Kapiti Island, scalloping in the Sounds and myriad others. Continue reading

London travel tube underground public transport walk bus taxi uber bike

London Living – Navigating Public Transport in London: THE BASICS

I’ve briefly touched on getting around London in my post on moving there. In this series of posts I want to elaborate on that advice, just to help all you poor sods faced with the epic task of trying to navigate public transport in London. Let’s dive right in, because much like my worst day travelling, this is going to be ugly, long and potentially sanity destroying. Continue reading

Food Favourite Places in London to eat where I love to have dinner for foodie heaven

London Living – My 12 Favourite Places to Eat

For me London has been the death of supermarket shopping and eating right. If I buy a courgette it will live in the fridge for a week, shrivelling beyond recognition before being thrown out. Wasteful, I know. Environmentally conscious me is doing all she can by eating out more often than her bank account really allows for, but it wasn’t always this way. There was a time when I would stand in Lidl tossing up between loaves of bread and buying the cheaper one so I could get an extra packet of noodles. Those were dark days, so once I had a job that paid a living wage I made the most of being able to sample some of the wonderful cuisine London has to offer. Below are my absolute favourite dining experiences I’ve had to date: Continue reading

medsailors sailing holiday on a yacht in split croatia trip blog review tips

MedSailors Croatia – Sailing the Dalmatian Coast

*This post is about the itinerary of the trip and the hijinks we got up to. If you would like to read about the logistics and what to expect then check out this post. Or scroll straight to the bottom for the Too Long, Didn’t Read Round-up*

I’m convinced I have salt water in my veins, I never feel more at ease than when I’m at sea. Living in London doesn’t give rise to many opportunities for ocean swimming or water sports so I was determined to spend at least part of my annual leave for 2016 by the sea. MedSailors were recommended to me by a friend who had done the trip the year before and raved about it so I decided this would be my watery week away. Continue reading

medsailors sailing on a yacht in split croatia blog review

MedSailors Croatia – What you need to know

*This post is about the logistics of the trip and my recommendations on how to make the most of it. If you would like to read about the itinerary and get the goss on the parties and food fights then check out this post.*

In October myself and 4 friends boarded a horrifically early flight to Split, Croatia. We were going to spend a week on a yacht with MedSailors, a Kiwi company that run multiple flotillas around Croatia, Turkey and Greece during the European summer. If you’re considering this or a similar trip then read on for my tips to make it the best ever. Continue reading

Munich Hofbrau Beerhouse

Munich Oktoberfest – Beer and Bavarian Exploits

Oktoberfest is poorly named. It’s a festival that actually takes place in September. It’s a festival that I booked in early February. It’s a festival that had the potential to be very awkward.

Being an eager beaver and a project manager has its upsides and its downsides. Yes I had booked so far in advance that I saved 35% on the hotel…it also meant that I had booked the hotel with a boyfriend who was no longer my boyfriend by the time September came around.

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