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Kia Ora Campers!

I’m Bella. 

I spent a good chunk of my 20s travelling the world, mostly scuba diving in Thailand and living in London. I had a brief stint on Super Yachts in The Netherlands and then found myself in Edinburgh where I worked the Fringe Festival, catered weddings, worked in a ceilidh bar and did social media marketing.

At the end of 2018 I moved back to New Zealand where I started another exciting journey…building a tiny(ish) house.

Due to things like COVID-19 and being a horrible procrastinator I’m pretty terrible at keeping this current and it now functions as an unreliable digital travel/scuba diving/tiny house diary. 

Some articles people seem to enjoy the most.

1. Moving to London

Not an easy task but hopefully I can demystify some of the scarier parts for you.

2. Sailing in Croatia

Six days on wee boat sailing around the coast of Croatia. Don’t go at the end of summer like I did, you’ll freeze your tits off.

3. My worst date ever in london

What it says on the tin, my worst date ever and one of just many stories of me having a bit of a shit time.

Recent Articles

Why not catch up on what I’ve been up to most recently? There’s lots of scuba diving in there, more tiny house content on its way and very many stories of me being a bit of a silly bugger in far-flung foreign lands.

Bella's Top Tips & Tricks For Conquering London Life

I spent 3 and a half years in London. In that time I moved around 7 different flats, made lots of random friends from all over the world and had the absolute time of my life. But moving to London can be difficult. Don’t be put off if you absolutely hate it for the first 6 months, hang in there and read some of my articles to help you get a handle on how to nail big city life.

Travel History

I’ve had the good fortune to visit a fair few corners of the globe but there are so many more yet to come. 




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My Upcoming Adventures

It’s important to have something on the horizon that you can look forward to. My next adventures will involve shark diving in Fiji, going to my friend’s wedding in America and building my very own tiny(ish) house.

Shark Diving


Building my
Tiny(ish) House

Travel Gallery

I’m not much of a photographer but I do try from time to time. Below are some shots of my travels. You can follow me on Instagram for more.