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Making Questionable Choices Since Ages Ago

Kia Ora Campers, I’m Bella and I can be a bit of an idiot sometimes. I have had my fair share of travelling hijinks and hiccups, from leaving my wallet on a Malaysian beach, to being robbed in Thailand or ending up at the end of London’s Northern Line with no money and no phone. I’ve made plenty of mistakes so you don’t have to (or do, it all ended up being quite good fun and a good story to boot).

It’s amazing how much you forget when you don’t record things. That profound insight coupled with a kind of brutal dumping were the catalysts for me to start this blog way back in my London days. I’ve loved writing it ever since.

A creative outlet is good for the soul (so is a strong gin and tonic). I encourage you to read my stories, take whatever lessons you find and go out to make some of your own questionable choices. 

You will never regret travelling.





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Why not catch up on what I’ve been up to most recently? There’s lots of scuba diving in there, more tiny house content on its way and very many stories of me being a bit of a silly bugger in far-flung foreign lands.