buying dive gear masks for scuba where to start from how to buy

Scuba Skills: Buying Dive Gear – Start with your mask

Your own gear is a wonderful luxury and the right kit can completely change your diving experience. Dragging on stiff suits and peering through a foggy mask can add stress and unnecessary angst to what should be an awesome experience. On the flipside, buying everything you need is a big investment and it can be hard to know what to buy, when to buy it and where to get it. This series of posts should answer some of those questions and cover off the basics of investing in your own gear.

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Red Sea Egypt Scuba Diving Liveaboard trip blog review

Diving the Red Sea – A Liveaboard Adventure

Hurghada really is the arse end of bum fuck no-where. We spent two nights there either side of our Red Sea liveaboard with Emperor Divers. It’s a strange place full of construction sites giving off an abandoned ‘post-coup’ vibe and souvenir shops that all display signs declaiming ‘No Russians’ (apparently they’re big fans of holidaying here). The heat in July/August is truly oppressive, being outside for any amount of time is draining and there is very little reason to leave your hotel, I would advise you stay in the pool and the cool for your own sanity. We stayed at the Green Resort Apartments which were completely unknown to every taxi driver we spoke to, so be sure to take a map with your hotel on it if you go.

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scuba diving liveaboard in red sea egypt scuba diving

Liveaboard Diving – What you need to know

Stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with 20 other sun-burnt salty sea dogs. No it’s not the premise for a terrible movie involving a mutant sea creature, it’s actually my idea of the perfect holiday. A liveaboard is a boat-based, multi-day excursion focussed on scuba diving. The name is pretty self-explanatory in that you LIVE, ABOARD the boat without coming into shore (you get it). You and your group will do several dives per day, usually visiting sites that would never be accessible on a day trip which is a major bonus of this type of diving. Continue reading

Scuba Diving in Koh Tao Thailand Divemaster Training blog

Koh Tao – Ch-ch-changes

So it was while since my old TravelPod blog had been updated, not because I was being negligent (maybe a little bit)…but because new things weren’t happening anymore. Most of my days involved waking up, getting ready for the boat, diving, showering and then deciding where to go out for dinner, a nice life if you can get it but not particularly interesting for people to read about.

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longtail diving in Koh tao Thailand with Big Blue Scuba tech diving

Koh Tao – A Sure Thing

They say there are three sure things, death, taxes, and nurses. On Koh Tao those sure things are more like diving, bike related injuries, and visa runs…this week I did all three. At the beginning of the week I started my Intro to Tech course which involves diving on twin tanks with buoyancy being provided by a horseshoe shaped set of wings. Nothing could be more different from sport diving! The body position feels totally bizarre for a while and involves a lot of back arching and bum clenching (not as exciting as it sounds I assure you).

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