About Bella

Timehop is a wonderful tool to remind yourself how thin you were 4 years ago. It’s also great way to reflect on how much has changed in the intervening years, besides your waistline. Recently it told me that it has been almost 6 years since I boarded a puddle jumper in small town New Zealand and headed off into the great unknown (in tears).

As I said snotty, tear-stained goodbyes to my nearest and dearest, an older and wiser friend said to me…

“I can’t be sad because I know how much fun you’re about to have”

She couldn’t have been more right. I have had the most marvellous adventures on the road and built myself an entirely new life on the opposite side of the world. I’ve lived in Thailand and trained as a Divemaster. I’ve backpacked through Cambodia and Vietnam on my own. I’ve run the gauntlet of moving to London and made it my business to see as much of Europe as I can with my paltry pay packets.

I had a brief stint on a super yacht in The Netherlands and then found myself in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival where I wound up staying for a year (woops).  The Southern Hemisphere’s siren call is now pulling me back but not for long. I will continue to bring you all the useful information I can, interspersed with my poor life decisions. You can avoid the same mistakes or embrace them and go bigger! (unless you value your life).

If you have any questions, comments, queries, ponderous thoughts or reflections then don’t hesitate to follow the blog, message me on social media, comment on my posts or just call me and breathe heavily down the phone…it’s all good!