This was the day I had my first customers, they were doing a DSD which is just a dive to ‘explore’ rather than get a certification. They were three lovely Irish girls, one of whom decided that diving wasn’t for her, which meant I had to swim her all the way back to the boat (quite some distance). The Irish are notoriously bad swimmers apparently so that was fun if not a little exhausting. Despite that it was really great being part of someone’s first experience with scuba and seeing the smiles on their faces. I was assisting Matt the instructor who was very nice and said that my demonstration skills were very good so that was a positive.

Later that night things got very silly…when someone signs off as a Divemaster they have to do a challenge. Three girls were signing off that night and the theme was Freakshow Circus, in solidarity with them all the DMTs have to dress up and drink to excess. I went as the bearded lady. There were a lot of shots of Thai whiskey and some dancing on the bar to the Baywatch theme music. Alex (another DMT) and I also attempted the lift from Dirty Dancing with limited success. The wetsuit made another appearance and a dance circle was created, naturally hilarity ensued. I also managed to get my first alcohol induced knee injury which is scabbing over nicely.

Today we started our specialties which includes wreck, deep and nitrox diving with the lovely tech boys, getting into the more serious side of diving now. I have also been asked to help run the beer pong in the big blue bar so I will be sure to let you all know how that goes, should be another blinder of a night here on the beautiful island of Koh Tao.

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