Super Yachting

The trials and tribulations of living on a boat

Welcome to the super yachting section of the blog! I didn’t actually spend all that long on a super yacht (2 months) but I think I still picked up some valuable information that may be of use to you. It was unlike anything I have done before or since (thank god) but I learned some lessons – like, how to clean glass, and that I don’t respond well to authority figures telling me to do things that I think are a waste of my time.

Boat life is a strange existence with its own rules and hierarchies which I can’t say I was a big fan of. I didn’t want to vacuum all the windows every day with the upholstery fitting on a vacuum cleaner, covered in a chamois with a hole cut in it, especially when you aren’t allowed to pull said vacuum along the ground and instead have to pick it up and move it so there’s no chance it will scratch the floor. I was not made for this life but at least you get to read about the fun and the failures. 

2 Months on a Yacht – What did I learn?

2 Months on a Yacht – What did I learn?

I recently spent 2 months as a Stewardess on a swanky super yacht. Then some DRAMA occurred and long story short, I no longer work on a swanky super yacht. Unfortunately for all you sticky beaks I can say no more about it, but I can assure you it's a great story and I...

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