So here I was in my favourite Vietnamese destination. Hoi An had struck a chord with me when we were here six years ago and I knew that this was one place I really wanted to come back to. As with any place built beside the water it has a great atmosphere and a history that is greatly influenced by its former status as a trading port. Hoi An has a beautiful old town with french inspired architecture built along the river. It is is also well known as a town of tailors and cobblers, with that in mind I set out to have some clothing made.

My shopping list ended up with a jacket, shirt, dress, skirt (x2) and four pairs of shoes…maybe slightly excessive but also completely necessary. I was suiting and booting myself for the impending cold of the UK. There is nothing like having something made to fit you, especially when you have small feet and are vertically challenged…

The rest of my time in Hoi An was spent on a bicycle cruising around the town and generally soaking up the atmosphere. I went to a few museums and meeting houses and they have a really good system where you buy a ticket with no expiration date that allows you access into five attractions of your choice. This way you can pick and choose what you see and take your time doing it. A bicycle is the way to see this town and you can rent one for a day for $1 USD.

On the 16th of every month they have a lantern festival on the river, unfortunately I wasn’t here for this but every night the streets are lined with beautiful lights for you to cycle around and marvel at. The french also left a legacy of great food so it is the place for some culinary delights.

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