Read about the mistakes I've made so you don't have to

I’ve left my wallet with all of my means of payment on a Malaysian beach because I drank too many beers with some Germans. I’ve been on a hungover odyssey from Koh Tao to Bangkok with no cash, no cards and no phone because of Tequila. I’ve been on the worst date of my whole life in London because of white wine. I’ve made all the mistakes already so you can learn from them and laugh at them.

I’ve had so much fun along the way and even when the chips were down I’ve managed to pull through and find some silver linings. I hope you enjoy my stories and that they inspire you to go and grab life by the cojones.

Becoming a Dry Suit Diver in Scotland

Becoming a Dry Suit Diver in Scotland

When I think of a dream diving destination Scotland doesn’t immediately jump to the front of my mind. I’m happiest when I can roll off a boat in a bikini and follow up my dive with a nap in the sun. But I merely adopted warmer waters. I was born in cold water, moulded...

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